Issue 1 Migration Heritage Project Newsletter June 2003

In this issue:

  • Who is the MHP
  • About the Migration Heritage Project
  • Important dates to remember


Who are we?

An introduction to the Migration Heritage Project

The Migration Heritage Project (MHP) was the inspiration of Mendo Tracjevski from the Macedonian Welfare. Two years ago he had the vision of establishing a migration museum in the Illawarra and he began garnering support from interested people in the region. A committee was formed to pursue this venture and in 2002 we were delighted to receive a grant of $25000 from the IMB Community Foundation. This grant allowed the committee to employ a Project Officer to develop ideas and strategies to ensure a sustainable migration museum project in the Illawarra.

Our aim is to ensure that migration heritage is both valued by the Illawarra community and made more broadly accessible so that a wider rage of people can enjoy and learn from the historical significance of migration to the area. This may or may not involve finding a place to house or exhibit items of heritage relating to migration.

The project has been very active in the last six months. Our activities have included; workshops on heritage issues with small groups; an excursion to museums in the Illawarra to identify themes and approaches to exhibits, (of which we have a video documentary); discussions with the University of Wollongong about the future of the Nissen Huts; and we have made close links with the Wollongong Regional Art Gallery for a major exhibition to be opened in September.

We have also been busy applying for funding from a variety of sources and have successfully received funding the WCC Heritage Advisory Committee to have a thematic study written, which is currently in progress. We were also successful in obtaining further funding from the IMB Community Foundation for a second year that will allow us to continue to develop the aims of the project.

The project is still in its infancy and we would welcome interested people and volunteers to work with us. For instance, it would be great for groups to begin to register items of heritage value in their own communities, for example embroidery, so that we would have a catalogue of items available for exhibitions.

I am excited by the energy and commitment of our community for this project and I look forward to seeing people enjoy and learn about the migrant heritage of the Illawarra.

Franca Facci
Chairperson June 2003


Become involved

Interested persons or organisations are welcome to join the Migration Heritage Project.

Membership fees: Joining fee $5 Annual fee $10

Membership forms are available from the Wollongong Public Library or the Project Officer.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at Wollongong City Council, level 10 Conference Room, 5.30 pm.The MHP would like to collect the stories of migration from community groups in the Illawarra. Contributions to the newsletter are also welcome and can be e-mailed to the Project Officer. The closing date for the next issue is August 30th 2003.

Contact Details
Project Officer: Eva Castle
C/- P.O Box 1589
Ph. (02) 4251 4710 (mon-tues)


What is the Migration Heritage Project About

The Migration Heritage Project is dedicated to
researching and preserving the rich history of migration that has helped to shape our region. As part of that vision, in September 2003, the MHP will hold an exhibition at the Wollongong City Gallery that reflects the fascinating personal stories of migrants.

What are the Migration Heritage Project aims?

  • Help preserve items of heritage interest and value, e.g. historical records, artefacts, music, language, recordings of dance, theatre, traditional skills and trades
  • To catalogue these heritage items and make them accessible for public viewing
  • Contribute to research and education on the history of migration
  • Develop and promote migration heritage and involve migrant communities throughout the Illawarra

Who is behind the project?

The Migration Heritage Project members are individuals and community organisations that share the common aim of recording our migration heritage. The MHP is funded by the IMB Community Foundation. Many other organisations have provided support including the Wollongong City Council, University of Wollongong Department of Creative Arts, Italian Social Welfare, Macedonian Welfare, the Illawarra Ethnic Community Council, Illawarra Folk Festival and Downstairs Graphic Design.

Celebrations: Spirit of Communities

13 September – 2 November 2003
Mark your diaries! This exciting exhibition is presented by the Migrant Heritage Project and curated by Linda Raymond. It is an exhibition about community and family celebrations through the eyes of several local communities. It will include the food, the everyday objects and the experiences of Wollongong People.

Community News

The former Fairy Meadow Migrant Hostel has been listed as a heritage site by NSW heritage. This means they will have to stay on the site, and plans to preserve them developed.

Membership of the Migration Heritage Project

Interested persons or organisations are welcome to join the Migration Heritage Project. Membership fees: Joining Fee (individual): $5.00 ($2.00 pensioners) Annual Fee (individual): $10.00 ($5.00 pensioners) a total of $15.00 ($7.00 pensioners) upon joining. Joining Fee (organisations) $10.00 Annual Fee (organisations) $10.00 a total of $20.00 upon joining.


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Become a member

If Illawarra’s cultural heritage matters to you, you may want to stay in touch with MHP and become a member.


For further information:

Migration Heritage Project
PO Box 1589
South Coast Mail Centre
Wollongong NSW 2521