Celebrations: Spirit of Communities Exhibition Images


Vietnamese Moon Festival (107kb)

Vietnamese First House (242kb)

Vietnamese Ancestor Altar (51kb)

Vietnamese Lanterns (133kb)

Vietnamese Mooncakes (53kb)

Greek Independenced Day (201kb)

Greek Easter (190kb)

Greek Easter


Greek Easter Eggs (36kb)

Greek Kandile & Incense (74kb)

Greek Bread Stamp (40kb)

Greek Dress (15kb)

Italian Ballo Nazionale (148kb)

Italian Ballo Nazionale Dress (38kb)

Italian Cake (58kb)

Italian 'La Sbandierata' (27kb)

Italian Chestnut Day (158kb)

Italian Chestnut Roaster (84kb)

Portuguese Flower Marches (254kb)

Portuguese Flower Arches (51kb)

Portuguese Christmas Eve (121kb)

Portuguese Christmas (47kb)

Macedonian Wedding (168kb)

Macedonian Dance (171kb)

Macedonian Patron & Name Day (193kb)

Macedonian Christening (33kb)

Macedonian Dress (21kb)

Macedonian Bread Stamp (15kb)

Public Program (161kb)




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