Portuguese Christmas





1. Baby Jesus in Crib
2. Christmas table
3. 50 year old Baby Jesus

'The baby Jesus is from my mum and is over 50 years old. It has a crown but one of the arms is broken. The baby Jesus' dress is made originally from my mother's wedding gown. First my mum made my christening dress from it. They leave extra material in the seams so that later on they can repair or remodel the dress and it can be used when the child is bigger. The first time you wear it, it has to be a special gathering and you are taken to a professional photographer.

Grace sets her Christmas table with Portuguese crockery and cutlery from her mother. She also uses small decorative items that remind her of Portugal . 'When you see these things it makes you feel like they are things you recognize and you think - Oh, that's Portuguese. The girls' boyfriends look at it and they know it's "woggy".' Grace