The Migration Heritage Project


The Migration Heritage Project is a community initiative designed to protect and promote the heritage of Illawarra's diverse cultural communities. The project aims to achieve this goal by linking with a wide range of communities, talking about the importance of protecting our heritage and providing the resources that groups and individuals need to record and celebrate their heritage.

Our group

MHP is an independent group, not aligned to any government or business interests, with strong support from the wider community. Our representatives come from cultural organisations and clubs, from local and state government, from service providers and from the University of Wollongong. Membership of MHP is open, however you do not need to be a member of our group to be involved in our work. We received funding from the IMB Community Foundation in 2002 and in-kind support from Wollongong City Council & the University of Wollongong as well as funding and support from the Migration Heritage Centre NSW.

Our goals

One of our priorities is to continue linking with community groups and involving them in workshops demonstrating how to protect and promote their cultural heritage. To help with this process, we have produced a brochure called “Documenting the Migration Heritage of the Illawarra”, as well as an information package and other tools. We are identifying new sources of funding and support, and linking community groups with funding sources for their own projects.

Our achievements

  • Documented exciting home movie footage that represents the experiences and lifestylse of the Illawarra migrant community.



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If Illawarra’s cultural heritage matters to you, you may want to stay in touch with MHP and become a member.


For further information:

Migration Heritage Project
PO Box 1589
South Coast Mail Centre
Wollongong NSW 2521

Email: mhp@1earth.net


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With support from

The Migration Heritage Project acknowledges the support of the following: IMB Community Foundation, Wollongong City Council Community and Cultural Services and the University of Wollongong